Trade unions and organising with technology

Trade union and community organiser Stuart Melvin talks to the PCS Rank & File Network about the potential for integrating technology with mass participation organising models, and how we can use the new tools and techniques available to engage more workers and rebuild our movement.

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🧔Stuart Melvin 🧔

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Slides ►►

Workforce Organising Project ►►

📖 Case Studies 📖

Toys R Us Workers ►►

Sunrise Movement ►►

Sunrise Movement ►►

Movimiento Cosecha ►►

IWGB: Deliveroo Unwrapped ►►

📰 Articles 📰

Viral Socialism: learning from Extinction Rebellion ►►

Reddit: An untapped resource for progressive campaigns in the UK ►►

📚 Resources 📚

Blueprints for Change: Guides on digital tools and distributed organising ►►

Mobilisation Lab: Articles, reports and more looking at best practical digital and distributed organising ►►

⚙️ Tools ⚙️

Slack (messaging for teams) ►►

Action Network (digital mobilisation: forms, petitions, email list etc) ►►

Action Builder (digital organising: assessments, charting, tasks etc) ►►

Zetkin (digital organising: surveys, canvassing, phone banking) ►►

Callhub (phone banking, broadcast text messaging and peer-to-peer text messaging) ►►

Ringround (phone banking) ►►

Others ►►

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