Open Meeting: HMRC Pay Offer - Reaction and Discussion

Updated: Feb 1

On 1 February HMRC announces its pay offer to staff. Join us to discuss what it means for our back pockets, and our terms and conditions. Register online here.

HMRC and the PCS and ARC unions have been in secret talks for months over pay and contract reform. On 1 February, we will finally know what's on offer, as well as what we have to surrender from our contracts to get it.

Union members should have been included in the talks from the beginning. Open negotiations would have allowed us to shape the final offer and hold both sides to proper account. With that opportunity missed, its vital that all members get a say now - not steered by a recommendation from above, but based on an honest assessment of what's on the table.

Do you stand to win or to lose from the deal? Are your colleagues all in the same position or does the deal put an artificial dividing line between you? Is there a better deal we could get, one which benefits and unites everybody, and if so how could we fight for it?

Can we change things so that collective bargaining in future actually gives workers (the collective) a say on what's being bargained for?

Join us at 7pm on 1 February to discuss what has come out in the deal that day, the questions that arise from it, and where we might go next.

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