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The PCS Rank & File Network is an organising forum rather than an electoral faction. We welcome the support and involvement of anybody who genuinely wishes to help build a fighting rank and file movement in our union, including those who may otherwise be active in the union’s various factions.

However, we do recognise the benefit of having those who support our aims in various elected posts in the union. At election times, we will therefore promote the candidacy of our members contesting such elections.

HMRC Group Elections

Some of our members within Revenue & Customs Group are standing for election to the Group Executive Committee. Please consider nominating them if you're in an R&C branch.

Electing new faces to the GEC won't on it's own change the way our union is run, but it helps to have activists in those positions who support us as we organise to build real workers' power at the coal face, across the civil service.

Deputy Secretary

Phil Dickens

Assistant Secretary

Richard Jones, Pete Smullen

Group Executive Committee

Phil Dickens, Dave Gibbons, Georgina Griffith

Nigel Hesdon, Richard Jones, Helen Sheridan

Pete Smullen, Christine Spinks, Annette Wright